Kitchen with a Cause – Karol Bagh, New Delhi

Hand him a fish he’ll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he’ll eat for life.


When one hears the word Street Kitchen, the first thought that runs to the mind is may be it’s a restaurant that serves street food or may be its named because it has street set up. But the whole idea behind the name was conceived not because of the food it serves but because it aimed in providing essential life skills  to kids who have been rescued from trafficking and have been brought up by organizations till they become adults.

With this brief the project was conceptualized keeping in mind the ideologies of the client, the employees and the local surroundings.

The design is Rustic instead of a fine dine set-up, although the client is into adventure tourism with most of his customers coming from across the world. The whole idea was to give a cozy and comfortable atmosphere to every age group and to the people working there. One can relate to all the materials used as  experienced in busy markets and walking down the street, like sleeper wood, brick tiles, stained glass, packing boxes, GI Sheet, pine wood, concrete. The use of these reclaimed materials not only adds texture to the interiors but also blends with the local surrounding which is busy market of Karol Bagh in Delhi.

On the left side of the entrance is a wall with “Smiling Kid” Artwork which was designed to give a welcoming and Joyous feeling to every customer entering the restaurant and at the same time depicts the motto behind the restaurant. i.e bringing back the lost smile.

The colourful reclaimed glass partition with bold colours and textures, casts a very interesting pattern on the internal wall and adds colour to the neutral colour palette of the restaurant.

The use of stamped concrete on the floor gives a pathway look and feel and the use of Reclaimed GI sheets on the walls and entrance ceiling divides the room in different section. The design typology and style for the furniture was inspired from the typical street food outlet furniture  with bench setup and auto seats are used as backrest.


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